70/40 Rule

Want to make good decisions? A quick video to talk about getting information to make decisions.  When does more information not ‘really’ help? Watch above to find out more. Video shortcuts: 01:09   – Minimum information required 02:00   – Over... Read More

Au! It’s Gold

All about Gold. What is gold usually used for in the finance world? Matt also discusses some negatives of gold and what holding gold should really be about. Video Shortcuts: 00:41   – What Gold is used for 01:25   – Gold and currency 02:12   – The... Read More

US Debt Ceiling – The Good and the Bad

Matt discusses the good and the bad of the US Debt Ceiling. Having received lots of attention in the media over the past few months, the rising debt of the States has been a hot point of interest. But what does it mean to you? Watch above to find... Read More

What are you up to this weekend?

What are you up to this weekend?
If you’re like millions of sports fans around the world you’ll be tuning in to the start of the 100th Tour de France.  It’s had its issues over the last 100 years but it’s still one of THE premier sporting events in the world.  With plenty of Aussies on show, there... Read More