At Complete Wealth we have been putting together a few videos to show some of the projects we support as well as tell the story of the people and organisations that are important to us. Take a look at this short video about Batyr, its founder Seb, and the relationship shared with Complete Wealth.

Batyr seeks to engage, educate and empower young people to make a positive change to the mental health of young Australians by speaking out about social and mental health issues. Batyr’s mission is to foster an environment where seeking help and talking about mental health is not only acceptable but is encouraged and supported.

Seb, the founder of Batyr worked in the Complete Wealth Canberra office whilst at ANU and like everyone else it seems we really had no idea the issues Seb faced. Since this time we have seen Seb and Batyr grow and reach so many young people with such a positive message.

Our support of Batyr makes up one of Complete Wealth’s ‘Happiness Projects’. In everything we do, we want to get the most value out of our participation. By picking a project we feel passionate about, such as Batyr, we are not only able to devote financial support, but also personal time and effort to get a connection and feel for what these projects are really about. It is these experiences that create the most value for not only the people that we are supporting, but in reality, for ourselves as well.

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Posted By Jacob Levido – Marketing Cadet

Marketing Cadet

Each year we look to give an aspiring uni students the chance to gain some professional experience and learn about business operations through a cadetship. Fostering the growth of young minds is a passion, and benefits everyone involved.

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