Managing your money has never really been an easy task, however in today’s ever increasing tech world, applications are being built to help take some of the weight off managing your finances. It has never been easier than right now to see where you are spending your money and when your accounts balances are getting low. To help you get on the right track for the rest of the year, here is a summary of some of the best financial apps there are on offer:

1.     Manilla (free)

Manilla helps you simply manage everything from your bank and credit card accounts to your magazine subscriptions to your travel rewards programs, all in the one place. It also sends you automatic bill reminders so that you’ll never pay a late fee again and it also securely stores your bills and statements.


2.      Expensify (free)

Whether it be for business purposes or personal use, this app is a must have if you need help keeping track of your expenses. It lets you keep a photo log of your receipts (which are automatically scanned and put into your expense records), and it also allows you to include options such as mileage, time and other reimbursable or billable expenses.


3.     Pocketbook (free)

Pocketbook was one of the first finance apps which let you synchronise with Australian banks – meaning no more manual entry! It will sync all your bank accounts into a single view so you can see where all your money is from a single platform, it will categorise all the transactions you have made and send you alerts for upcoming bills so you don’t get hit with any fees, and at the end of the week it will send you a summary to make sure that your budget is on track.


4.     Budgt ($1.99)

Budgt makes keeping track of your expenses very easy, telling you how much money you can spend each day by taking into account what you have already spent during the current month. It also has a very handy travel feature, which enables automatic currency conversions. Budgt won’t link to your bank accounts, but if day-to-day budgeting help is what you are after, then this app is a terrific tool.


5.    Spendee ($1.99)

Rather than overloading it’s users with different categories, Spendee groups certain expenses into larger areas such as entertainment, car, family and personal. It’s easy to use interface allows users to see where the bulk of their money is going through a sophisticated summary page, which also provides you with advice on how to make the most out of your money.


These are just 5 of the more popular apps currently on the market in Australia, so if you need help with your day-to-day budgeting, this should be a helpful starting point!

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