Retailers are forecasting a slight improvement in spending in the weeks before Christmas with a boost in consumer confidence this year.

In 2013, Australians are expected to spend over $30 billion this Christmas. It’s averaged out at approximately $1437 per person.

Whilst there is an expectation of significant growth in online sales this Christmas, online sales continue to be a relatively small portion of overall sales (approx 30%).

The high Australian dollar has provided some retailers protection against the challenging retail conditions through lower product costs. For other retailers, increased overseas competition has driven down sales prices and cost local retailers both margins and sales.

These are some interesting facts on Christmas spend from last year:


Christmas Total:

  1. 70 % in retail stores, and 30% online
  2. The average Aussie is planning to spend $475 on gifts

Celebrating Christmas on holiday:

  1. 3.2 million Aussies are planning to celebrate by going on holidays
  2. Nationally, we’ll spend $3.6 billion on Christmas holidays
  3. The average holiday spend will be approximately $1, 152

Aussies at the boxing-day sales:

  1. Planning to spend $136 on average at the sales
  2. Planning to spend $2.2 billion nationally at the sales


Entertaining guests this Christmas:

  1. 5.6 million Aussies with have friends and family over
  2. The average entertainer will spend $294 preparing

In-home food and drink spend in Australia:

  1. $170 average on in-home food and drink
  2. $554 million nationally on in-home food and drink

Out of home food and drink spend in Australia:

  1. $110 average on dining and drinking out
  2. $359 million nationally on dining and eating out

For retail businesses, Aussies are planning to buy the vast majority (70%) of their Christmas gifts at stores, with less than a third purchased online.

For online business in the retail industry, the highest volume of sales is expected to be between 7 December and 11 December, while stores expect their busiest shopping days to be between 20 December and Christmas Eve.

About the research: 

  • The study was conducted by Lonergan Reseach amongst 1,060 Australians aged 18 years and over.
  • Surveys were distributed throughout Australia including both capital and non-capital city areas.
  • Fieldwork commenced on Friday, 19 October and was completed on Monday, 22 October 2012
  • After interviewing, data was weighted to the latest population estimates sourced from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.


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