Have you ever heard; “Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you, I’ve been so busy with …”. Or perhaps you’re guilty of saying this yourself. I know I have. Change your habits, particularly when it concerns your financial advice.

The thing is, we are all busy. We’ve all got things to do, errands to run, projects to finish and lives to lead. The person (or you) isn’t ‘busy’, it’s simply that getting back to you isn’t their top priority. Try saying that to someone, “Hey, sorry I haven’t gotten back to you, you’re not important enough”. Sure you can forget, truly be taken over by another event, but that still illustrates my point – if you make it important enough, it’ll get done.

The same goes for wealth and health. Why is it that so many people don’t get advice? One of the main reasons is that, to many, it’s not important enough. There is no ‘pain’ encouraging you to do so. And there aren’t any perceived opportunities or benefits to get advice. Nevertheless, if you want to become financially secure, the highly correlated activity is to get advice.

Take action & get advice

Extremely successful author, coach and professional speaker Tony Robbins distils our actions down to 2 facts; to gain pleasure or to avoid pain. He claims that it is fear which holds us back.

I found that if I signup to something, such as a sport or a course, then I get some real traction. Maybe you find this useful too? ‘Locking’ yourself into doing something and making it a calendar event in your diary puts an emphasis and time on the activity.

You can do this with financial advice! Book a meeting and commit. It isn’t hard.

Most advisers in the industry offer initial meetings free too. Great! So when you’ve booked your meeting, you have a set time now ‘forcing’ you to take action to find out how to find a good adviser, and what questions you’ll ask.

You’ve got to start somewhere.

I’ll leave you with what Tony Robbins has to say on taking action:

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