Gill Battye

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Gill Battye

Finance Manager

My siblings call me bossy … I just like to think I’m organised!

My career started in hospitality (luckily, as that’s where I met my husband Matt), then graduated into conference and event management. I’ve always loved using my organisational skills and event management suited me to a tee. I love seeing the end product of the hours of behind the scenes work when everything ‘just’ comes together.

After having our two boys event management didn’t suit our family so I started my own bookkeeping service from home, eventually joining Matt’s business, Complete Wealth, in the accounts and payroll area. I still get to use my organisational skills in our busy household. I love the flexibility of working part-time so I can be home for our boys after school and I can be the supportive sideline Mum at sports carnivals and the like!

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