A problem solver at heart, Greg works as a senior network architect in the IT industry. A big fan of travelling, Greg has quit his job twice to do just that!! Once to play cricket in England, and a second time to teach English to children in China. He lists Botswana as his favourite travel destination!


Terry is the software development and financial manager of Random Computing, a company he started in 1991. But, Terry hasn’t always been in software development. Starting out as an engineer in the 60’s, Terry has a enjoyed a wide range of careers, including working for the Australian Bureau of Statistics as well as running a restaurant for 25 years. But, his interest in computers eventually drew him back into the IT industry.


If you’re interested in getting a bike – whether road, mountain, or a specialised bike – then our clients Heath Louise have the shop for you!

With their very own Bikeforce store in Richmond, Melbourne Heath & Louise have recently started their adventure in running a business, and they’re doing very well at it.