What we do first and foremost is about people; we get to know them, we care about them, we become someone they can trust to help guide them and protect them. You see, when you have someone standing next to you that really understands what’s most important to you, helping you make better decisions and steering you back on course when you don’t, your ability to achieve true and lasting happiness in life reaches a whole new level. The truth is, we are a little unconventional; we put your happiness at the forefront of everything we do. It’s true we are experts in all kinds of technical wealth areas, and if it has a $ next to it, we can take care of it. However, our true expertise is in helping our clients understand their own happiness and to make all of the right decisions to maximise that happiness both today and in the future. When people work with us, it’s not about a quick fix; it’s about changing their lives, one decision at a time.

We know that our advice pays for itself in the short term, but what we do for people over their lifetime is almost incalculable, and to us that means something special. Over the last 15 plus years we’ve been through every life decision there is many, many times with our clients and we’ve come to understand what works for them. We continue to learn from our clients’ experiences every day and it’s this collective wisdom that allows our “technical smarts” to really deliver the best results for each individual client, so they can live the best life.


Happiness Plan


Too often the bigger picture is forgotten. People just chase the higher return, the cheapest product & what everyone else does. Whilst some of this is important the better question to get right is WHY? Working with thousands of clients, we have have a unique perspective on how lives have played out and can help you tailor a plan that helps you live a happy life.

Cashflow Plan Program


Controlling cashflow is the cornerstone of any wealth creation plan. Wealth simply cannot be achieved and maintained without it. We develop a tailored cashflow plan for you to ensure there’s alignment with your needs; today, tomorrow & in the long term.



At Complete Wealth we have contacts with & regularly meet with top performing investment managers around the world to ensure our clients have access to shares, funds, real-estate, fixed interest, and various other investment classes.



We insure our cars and homes, but what about our biggest income generating asset – YOU? This includes insurance for trauma, income protection, life, TPD, or business insurance.



We provide advice to clients with all types of superannuation accounts – retail super, industry super, and Self Managed Super Funds (SMSFs).

debt 100x100 1


Whether it be a car loan, investment loan, or home loan, leveraging can be the most efficient way for you to get access to assets you want in the best way possible.

Tax Planning


Working with your accountant, or helping you find a suitable one – we help minimise tax & provide options and structures to make sure you’re setup correctly.

Estate Planning


Along with a solicitor, we make sure your estate is setup to maximise the value of your assets and distributed to your intentions.

Financial Health Checks3


We can provide financial health checks for you, you and your partner, company, superfund, or trust. These checks will help you uncover missed opportunities and make sure you’re getting the best value for your situation.

Financial Health Checks


We help families determine whether certain facilities are financial viable, and the best ways to fund living in an aged care facility.

Corporate Super


A corporate fund is arranged by an employer, for its employees. We help companies tailor their super arrangements to allow the best setup and value for members.

Public Speaking


We’ve experienced numerous life events with our clients. It gives us the unique perspective to share the knowledge gained from the collective. We deal with wealth, decisions, & happiness everyday & we’re always wanting to share this wisdom further.

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