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christopher sutherland


System Development Manager

I have high expectations. Not just because I’m snobby or have a sense of entitlement attitude, but because the power of a great experience is just fun and can really make your day. Call me fussy, or crazy, but I want a life full of great experiences and don’t want to settle for just good, when great really isn’t any harder.

Great experiences are too rare – but in reality they’re too easy to create for others & in many cases they’re easier to create than bad experiences. I need to ensure that clients and customers for the businesses I work with experience positive buying experiences in the best possible way.

I enjoy analysing the fundamentals of strategies and processes & seeing how that fits in with the overall picture. There are so many ‘ideas’ people in the world, they’re a dime a dozen, but so few great implementers who actually make the ideas real. I believe it’s the implementers who actually change the world.

That’s why I love business. Truly great businesses create so much value in the world – from the value to customers and clients to the value to those who work within them. Entrepreneurial businesses are just that more fantastic – they solve our problems and enable daily tasks to be easier. That’s why building and working for great businesses is something that only those doing so themselves will really understand.

articles by christopher

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